Wife, Mom.



Emerson High School

Montclair State College


Hannah - Hannah is an elegant Llewellin English Setter.

Likes to take something, and make it organized and more beautiful. Sometimes this accomplishment requires chocolate (preferably dark).

Cheryl began her career running the internal publishing area at American Express. Following American Express, she began a freelance business as an art director and graphic artist for small to mid-sized companies. In that capacity, she worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from t-shirt design to logo development, to catalog creation.

While Cheryl spends much of her time working with local artists in her capacity as Bravitas’ curator, Cheryl’s art is the art of home and family. Married for over 30 years to Tom, and proud mom to three amazing children; Zac, Ben, and Kate. As a certified paper and typography addict, Cheryl is currently seeking a support group.