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  • The Coronet Magneto track system was installed in the vault today. The LED lights are connected to the track via magnets and within seconds can be repositioned. This is by far the most innovative light we have seen in awhile. The old bank vault will be repurposed into a common shared conference room for tenant use. LIGHTING: @coronetled  LIGHTING DESIGN: @rsltg @rhgdesign ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: @powermacllc1 GENERAL CONTRACTOR: @jackfinnandcompany PROJECT MANAGER: @lhoffman13 ARCHITECT: @sionas_architecture DEVELOPER: #thebravitasgroup #caldwellnj  #bankvault #repurposedbuilding #historicbank #adaptivereuse #coronetlighting #ledlights #ledlighting
  • All skilled trades are busy with final finishes at #thewilsoncaldwell. Getting ready for opening day on March 1st . #thebravitasgroup GENERAL CONTRACTOR:@jackfinnandcompany  ELECTRICIANS: @powermacllc1 #finishcarpentry #wallpaperinstallation #electrician #caldwellnj
  • We can’t thank the @marktirondolapainting crew enough for there dedication to quality . This is a very difficult patch and paint job because of all the architectural details that require sanding, prepping, plastering and painting at #thewilsoncaldwell. Very few flat surfaces anywhere. It’s amazing that these talented painters are always smiling. #thebravitasgroup @jackfinnandcompany #commercialpainting #caldwellnj #painters_pro
  • Bill W @billy6202 installing all of the restroom accessories(or admiring himself) at #thewilsoncaldwell . #thebravitasgroup @jackfinnandcompany #caldwellnj #mirror #finishcarpentry
  • We are thrilled that our tenants are as proud of our buildings as we are . We are so happy that  KS BRANIGAN Law PC selected BrassWorks to build their law practice. Shouldn’t you be in a Bravitas building? #thebravitasgroup #montclairnj #montclairlawyer #njattorney #njlawyer #brassworksongrove #njlawjournal
  • In all of our #adaptivereuse projects we like to leave many of the original building elements exposed . In the new north stairwell at #thewilsoncaldwell we decided not to Sheetrock the exterior walls in order to allow  future occupants to see the original layers of 100 year old masonry work . As you can see by the photo the walls were built with brick, Terra Cotta , reinforced concrete , plaster and with some infill of new CMU block . This stairwell is in contrast of the clean Sheetrocked look of the new south stairwell. Jack F, Lance H and I constantly debate what should be covered up and what should we keep exposed. I am sure some folks would think leaving old raggedy jaggedy  nasty walls uncovered was a mistake or an effort to save money;  but it is totally intentional and thought through. DEVELOPER: #thebravitasgroup CONTRACTOR:@jackfinnandcompany ARCHITECTURE: @sionas_architecture DESIGN: @rhgdesign #terracotta #repurposedbuilding  #oldbrickwall #stairwell
  • The amazing Bernard staining a  ladder Orange that will be used to take Allison @allisontaskcoach to her new cozy loft at #hillsidesquare . #thebravitasgroup #montclairnj #commercialpainting #rollingladder #orangeistheneworange
  • Lucky Luke @lucky_luke_h.i_llc trimming out the stairwells at #thewilsoncaldwell . Not an easy task to scribe trim against an uneven terra cotta wall . Everyday I marvel at the talent and skills of our team . #thebravitasgroup @jackfinnandcompany #trimcarpentry #finishcarpenter #caldwellnj
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