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  • New outdoor lighting selected by @randy_sabedra and installed by @powermacllc1 on the third floor terrace at #thewilsoncaldwell. Everyone is going to want to befriend the tenant in Suite 301 in order to hang out on her terrace. #thebravitasgroup @jackfinnandcompany #outdoorterrace #caldwellnj
  • Mr. Sam Kent provided #thebravitasgroup with lots of archival material from 307 Bloomfield from the days it was The National Newark and Essex Bank . I particularly love the Bank Guard Badges (or is it “BAND GUARD”) . The 1968 Personal Directory lists Caldwell Seafood which is still in business on the Avenue. The ad for Coiffures de Don located at 396 Bloomfield later became “Coiffures de David” or @davidchadbeauty (take a very close look at the ads). Mr. Kent was the bank manager for many years and was so gracious in sharing these items with us. #thewilsoncaldwell #nationalnewarkandessexbankingcompany #newarknational #caldwellnj #fairfieldnj #essexcountynj #adaptivereuse #historicbanks #repurposedbanks #bankguard
  • And Suite 102 Terrazzo and concrete floor polishing is complete . @franklinfloors_nutley did a great job restoring the beauty to these 100 year old floors at #thewilsoncaldwell . #thebravitasgroup @jackfinnandcompany #concretefloorpolishing #concretepolishing #terrazzo #terrazzopolishing #caldwellnj @diamaticusa #diamatic
  • Round two of concrete and terrazzo polishing in Suite 102 At #thewilsoncaldwell. #thebravitasgroup @jackfinnandcompany @franklinfloors_nutley @diamaticusa #concretepolishing #terrazzopolishing #terrazzo #diamatic #caldwellnj
  • Making huge progress on interior trim thanks to @dvcirlin , @billy6202 and @lorenzone1313 . @lhoffman13 having a teaching moment with Juan . @jackfinnandcompany getting it done on a sunny Friday at #thewilsoncaldwell. #thebravitasgroup #interiortrim #finishcarpentry #caldwellnj
  • Let there be light!! We  have reached another major milestone. We are now installing all of the architectural lighting at #thewilsoncaldwell . Our interior designer @rhgdesign and our lighting designer @randy_sabedra have done a splendid job of properly lighting all of the spaces and selecting perfect fixtures. We are especially fond of the up/down LED linear fixtures from @coronetled . Again it always is a team effort by @jackfinnandcompany and our electricians @denikocev8 and @veljanoskii from @powermacllc1 . #thebravitasgroup #adaptivereuse #ledlights #coronetled #caldwellnj
  • So I have been complaining all day that our insurance company is making us write a “ WATER DAMAGE MITIGATION PLAN” (WDMP). It basically makes you document where all your sources of water come from, how you control the flow of water, and if you do have a water issue how do you detect a leak or flood and how do you mitigate the damage. I hate to admit it but the process is quite helpful and we now have a comprehensive document that outlines the mitigation steps which includes a list of all vendors that we need in the event we have a flood or leak . If we have an incident we don’t have to scramble for names and numbers . The key is to have a contact at a remediation company so when you do have an issue you are first in line and your call gets returned. We will all suffer water damage at some point in time. Just ask Joe. #thebravitasgroup #flooding #waterdamagerestoration #waterdamage #waterdamagemitigation #plumbing #ejectorpump #sumppump #waterheater
  • Don’t ever let anyone tell you that relationships do not matter. Steve Novak and Ron Novak are our bankers from @lakelandbank and have been creatively financing our real estate transactions for many years(also your bankers should be 6’2” or taller). They are amazingly responsive and always figure out how to structure a transaction that is in the best interest of their clients. I can truly say we love our bankers. At the end of each closing they present us with the traditional small appliance(today it was the 3 in 1 morning meal station). Every banker should offer a toaster or other useful appliance to their clients. #thebravitasgroup
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