Alan Peckolick’s paintings show in Montclair

You may not have seen Alan Peckolick’s paintings before, but you’ve probably seen his work. Peckolick’s graphic designs include the logos for Family Circle magazine, for the 1976 film “The Last Waltz,” for Revlon logo, and for the mail-order music club Columbia House, to name a few. He has won over 500 design awards.

The Platform, acrylic on canvas, by Alan Peckolick, is part of the ‘Mixed Messages’ show at Hillside Square, 8 Hillside Ave., through Feb. 14. Alan Peckolick signs copies of his new book at the opening of his show on Friday, Nov. 2, at Hillside Square.

His published coffee table book, “Teaching Type to Talk,” shows off some of those designs, along with his designs for letters themselves.

Now through February, you can see Peckolick’s paintings, which often feature evocative letters, at Hillside Square, 8 Hillside Ave., in a show titled “Mixed Messages.”