Girl Scouts See Green at Academy Square

The Academy Square building at 33 Plymouth Street is pretty special. People outside of Montclair come to see it. It is a very ‘green’ building with its gold LEED certification, but it also has two art galleries that just so happen to boast two current shows with the theme of the environment and recycling.

So it was the perfect place to visit for a Girl Scout troop working on a few environment badges. Liza Hecht, leader, and Jeanne Donohue, co-leader, for Junior Girl Scout Troop 430 from South Mountain School in Millburn decided to arrange for a visit to the building. β€œI read about it (the art shows) in the Sunday New York Times,” said Hecht. β€œIt fit into what we’ve been doing as a troop.” So they contacted Studio Montclair and made the trip out to see the building and the art on Friday.